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Feel at home abroad

You will feel stronger and be more resilient

Living abroad can lower your confidence and cause doubts, stress or feelings of loneliness. We will find out the hidden cause and define a solution, so that you can improve your mental and physical health and manage the future challenges better.

You wil feel more relaxed in your multicultural couple & family

Everyone brings something of their culture into the relationship and it can cause conflicts or misunderstandings. If having children, you are dealing with multicultural and multilingual education. We will discuss the ways to make your partner and family life more joyful.

You will have better relationships at work and during studies

It is not  easy to find a way how to get along with your colleagues or classmates of different cultural backgrounds. We will help you to understand better the cultural context and to smoothen up your adaptation process in a new country. 

Do you want to feel “at home” even when living abroad? You are at the right place. 
We will be glad to support you online in the challenges you are facing.

We are psychologists, psychotherapists and also very much like you

Mgr. Ing. Mila Della Briotta

PhDr. Michala Škrábová, Ph.D.

We are psychologists and psychotherapists. We have both been living abroad for a long time, we have foreign partners, we are raising bilingual children and our friends come from all over the world.

Being both Czechs living abroad, we have founded an Online psychological counseling for Czechs in 2019. Our clients found our services very helpful and meaningful so we have decided to provide the same service for English, Italian, German and French speaking expats.

We know how important it is to talk about your experience of living abroad, cultural differences, and also about your dreams, fears and intentions, with someone who understands you and supports you as an ally. We will offer a professional point of view, we will discuss your situation and find a tailor-made solution for you.


Testimonials, what our clients say:


♥ “Not only have I learned, how to ask for help, but also how to refuse unreasonable requests. I learned the strategies for doing this without feeling like a failure, ashamed or guilty, because I should do everything on my own.” Lorenzo, 29 y.o.

I learned, that I can reduce my loneliness not only by interacting with my environment, but mainly by creating a supportive relationship with myself. I was abe to adapt new skills that I needed after moving abroad.” Audrey, 49 y.o.  

“I received lots of practical and instantly applicable tips for improving my communication skills in an international environment. Mike, 45 y.o.

“I finally realized, based on which schemes I build my relationships. I feel much freer and more optimistic looking into the future.” Chiara, 33 y.o.

We found a good bilingual strategy for raising our child. Now, we have specific tips for motivating our child, so that it enjoys speaking both of our languages.Jane, 34 let 

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Initially, we will meet more often,  once every 1-2 weeks, to help you resolve your current challenge as soon as possible. 

The goal is to help you managing challenging situations  independently.

Stories of our clients

How not to suppress yourself and feel comfortable in family relationships

Mrs. A. (35 y.o.) is a Czech married to a Frenchman and they are raising a 5-year-old girl. They live together in France, but the family did not accept her and forbids her to speak Czech with her daughter. Therefore, we talked about setting boundaries and communicating them to her French family so that good relations are not disrupted, but so that she feels comfortable. We also worked on several self-esteem and self-image topics and on her relationship with the Czech Republic during several sessions.

How to raise bilingual children together

Mrs. C. (33 y.o.) is an Italian who lives in the USA with an American husband and a newborn. They do not know how to approach their child’s bilingual education in a sensible way. We discussed possible bilingual education strategies and considered which would be the most appropriate for their specific situation. We also discussed how to playfully motivate the kid to use both languages and which expectations can be addressed in the future.

Anxiety abroad

Mrs. J. (38 y.o.), a Spaniard living in Germany, suffers from sadness and lack of energy. She feels socially isolated, she wakes up at night with outbursts of anxiety and her thoughts revolve around going back to her home country. She is also very bothered by the fact that her German friends and family give her less attention than she needs. During the counseling we gradually changed the focus from the outside world to the inner one, recognizing the emotions and messages they carried. We focused on strengthening her identity in the new environment and finding a harmonious relationship with her past in Spain.

Managing communication with colleagues abroad

Mr. M. (45 y.o.) is a Dutchman who lives and works in Dubai. He came to us concerned that he could not communicate efficiently with his Dubai colleagues. Together we have identified what can be the reason behind mutual misunderstanding and worked on improving the style and comprehensibility of his communication in an intercultural situation. Then we analyzed his values and found a way to fulfill them meaningfully, and strengthened his self-confidence as a foreigner.

Feeling like a stranger with my husband

Mrs L. (39 y.o.) is an Australian who moved to Spain to be with her Spanish husband. However, gradually she goes through a disappointment, a lot of things are different than she imagined. Even her husband seems to be a different person in his environment, the roles have been reversed and she is now a foreigner in their relationship.What worries her the most is that she can’t find a job in her field, which is very important to her. We considered different scenarios: staying in Spain, alternating stays or returning permanently to Australia. In the end Mrs. L. evaluated the return to Australia as the healthiest solution for her. 

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