We will support you to find your new identity

You will get:

Deep empathy

We can empathize with your situation, understand your thoughts and feelings. And not only from the position of an expert, but also humanly, because we have both lived outside our country for a long time. We have gone through most of the situations you are experiencing. We will share our experiences.

Different point of view

We can look at your situation impartially and from different angles. You will get valuable feedback and new impulses from us. This will allow you to look for other ways to grasp everything and adapt more quickly to life abroad.

Professionality and objectivity

We both have a degree in psychology and many trainings, each of us specializes in a different area. We offer you a wide range of topics that we will help you process. Where one cannot see, the other of us has an overview.


Mgr. Ing. Mila Della Briotta – psychologist, coach and psychotherapist

I motivate my clients to discover, procure and maintain everything they need for a happy life abroad. I choose and combine working techniques so that you can connect to your own energy sources and be able to solve situations within the adaptation process.

I will professionally support you to cope with stressful situations in harmony with the psyche and body and to prevent negative effects on your stability and health. I am here for everyone who is interested in process of self-reflection, gradual change and constructive adaptation to new situations.

I consult in the languages I live in: Czech, German and Italian.
I speak, but I do not consult in English and Russian.

More about Mila

I have lived and worked abroad for over half my life, two of which have been in Switzerland for two decades. I gained my first intercultural experience immediately after the revolution in a German construction company in the HR department. During the next years spent in international trade and private business, I experienced the pressure of the competitive environment and the impact of stress on my health.

My interest in burnout prevention motivated me to study clinical psychology and coaching. I am currently studying body psychotherapy in Zurich. I completed my internship at a psychosomatic clinic and in outpatient psychiatry. Combining experience from healthcare and other sectors makes it easier for me to understand the causes and consequences of various mental health problems.

I have a deep respect for my clients, colleagues, friends and family and I appreciate their presence. I like traveling, I enjoy solving problems, I love culture and relaxation. I take care of my Czech roots regularly and with love. Czech humor is still an indispensable source of positive emotions for me in the south of Switzerland, where I live with my family.


PhDr. Michala Škrábová, Ph.D. – intercultural psychologist

I have helped expats from many countries to overcome mental problems and I have prepared them for various situations in an international environment. I can help you to understand various cultural influences on your personal and professional life

I will help you to increase your personal flexibility, ensure a smoother adaptation process in a foreign country and manage other difficult life situations more easily. I will be happy to guide you ragarding your personal development and the challenges of a foreign culture, so that you can learn to communicate more effectively.

I consult in Czech, English and French. I speak but I do not consult in Italian, German and Japanese.

More about Michala

I have always felt good in contact with foreigners. During my master’s degree in psychology at Charles University, I studied for a semester in Regensburg, Germany, and in Melbourne, Australia. As part of my doctorate, I spent several months in Hiroshima, my Ph.D. research compared the Czech and Japanese mentalities. I went through an adaptation process in a new country several times and each time I formed a new intercultural identity.


I taught Intercultural Psychology for Erasmus Psychology students at Charles University for more than 10 years and Intercultural Communication in Business at Metropolitan University for 6 years. As an Erasmus psychology teacher, I was a guest at Italian universities, mainly in Pisa and Bologna. I have many friends from other countries and I love spontaneous travel without long preparations. I live with a French-Polish partner and two little trilingual daughters in the French Alps.

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