General Terms and Conditions

1.Validity of general terms and conditions

2. These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) apply to the procedure of counseling process and provision of services (hereinafter referred to as “consultation”) and regulate general rights and obligations between clients (hereinafter “client”) and psychologists, who are Mgr. Ing. Mila Della Briotta and PhDr. Michala Skrabova, Ph.D. (hereinafter referred to as the ” Online psychological counseling”). The relationship between the client and Online psychology counseling is governed by individually agreed conditions, the Code of Ethics of the Psychological Profession, the rules stated on the website: (hereinafter referred to as the “website”) and these GTC. If a provision is not explicitly regulated, the relevant legal provisions shall apply. Individual written agreements between client and Online counseling center take precedence over the provisions of these GTC.
Procedure for arranging advice
2.1. In case of interest in counseling, the client contacts Online psychological counseling via the order form on the website, e-mail, by e-mails or telephone numbers of individual psychologists or via other published contact details. The offer of counseling services does not entitle the client to the provision of the services required by him. The offer of services is valid under the conditions stated on the website, while  Online psychological counseling reserves the right to change or specify specific conditions of services.
2.2. By sending his request or order for services, the client confirms that he is fully acquainted with these GTC, while agreeing with them and accepting them as an integral part of consulting process.
2.3. The client is obliged to fill in the data required in the electronic order form or in another way by which he requests consulting services or is invited to do so.
2.4.  Online psychological counseling verifies the possibilities of providing counseling services to the client and confirms to the client the possibility of carrying out the counseling process.  Online psychological counseling reserves the unrestricted right to reject the order, even without giving a reason.
2.5.  Online psychological counseling reserves the right to correct the errors or correct other discrepancies, if errors, typographical or numerical errors, other erroneous data or discrepancies occur in the offer, order or confirmation of the order, which will be done on its own initiative or at the request of the client.
Price and payment terms
.1. The total price for a consultation or a package of multiple consultations is determined on the basis of a valid price list published on the Online psychological counseling ‘s website.
3.2. Online psychological counseling has the right to change price lists and adjust prices.  Online psychological counseling has the right to provide discounted counseling and to create discounted consultation packages. In the event of a price change, the client has the right to use the already paid consultation or consultation package at the original price, within one year from the payment of the consultation or consultation package.
3.3. In case of a specified benefit (e.g. a discount for students),  Online psychological counseling has the right to verify the decisive facts establishing the right to apply the discount. If the right to claim the discount is not recognized by the consultant, the client is not entitled to use this discount.
3.4. The client is obliged to pay total price for the consultation at least 24 hours before the start of the consultation, otherwise the consultation is automatically canceled.

3.5. The prices of consultations and consultation packages are set in the currency unit EUR. Currency conversion when paying from an account held in a currency other than EUR takes place according to the CNB exchange rate. Based on the agreement between Online psychology counseling and the client, it is possible to determine and pay the price of the consultation in legal currency unit of the Czech Republic – the Czech crown (CZK). For this purpose, the currency conversion rate is set according to the CNB exchange rate.
3.6. The price of services is usually paid via PayPal or a payment card through the payment gateway. In exceptional justified cases approved by Online psychology counseling, Online psychology counseling is entitled to allow the client to pay the price of services by non-cash transfer to Online psychology counseling ‘s specified account.
3.7. Payment of price of services means crediting the relevant amount to the bank account of Online psychology counseling. Due to this fact, the client is obliged to pay the price of services well in advance.
3.8. Repeated non-compliance with the deadline and conditions for payment for services by the client establishes the authority of Online psychology counseling to refuse to provide services.

Change of date or cancellation of consultation
4.1. It is possible to change the date of consultation or cancel the consultation by the client no later than 24 hours before the start of the agreed consultation, via e-mail sent by client to Later attempts to change the date or cancel the consultation are no longer possible for organizational reasons, and the fee for the consultation cannot be refunded in any way or the date of the consultation can not be changed to a different date.
4.2. In the circumstances that prevent Online psychology counseling from providing services to the client, such as force majeure or other objective impossibility to provide the client with services, the counsel is obliged to inform the client without undue delay and provide an alternative date for consultation. The client is entitled to cancel his order in the event of disagreement with such a change in provision of services and has the right to have the price of the services reimbursed.

4.3. In case of technical problems during the consultation, the client is entitled to use the unused part of the consultation in an alternative period.

Cancellation of client service order
5.1. The client has the right (if comply with the conditions of paragraph 4.1.) to cancel his order before the start of services. If conditions of paragraph 4.1. of these GTC are met, the amount paid by the client is returned to the client within 10 working days from the cancellation of the order and communication of data for transfer of payment by the client. It is possible to cancel the order of services within the consultation package.

Rights and obligations of the client
6.1. The basic rights of the client are:
the right to provide ordered and paid services to the agreed extent and under agreed conditions
the right to be provided with information concerning the services offered and provided by Online counseling center
the right to determine the rules of mutual cooperation between the client and Online counseling center
the right to change the date of consultation or cancel the use of services in exceptional cases under the conditions specified in these GTC

the right to complain about defects in the services provided and to settle the complaint in accordance with these GTC and legal regulations
the right to protection of personal data and all data concerning the client, Online counseling center is obliged to protect the personal and sensitive data of the client even after the end of the provision of services.
6.2. The basic duties of the client are:
to provide co-operation for the conduct of consultations, including the provision of technical conditions for consultations
the obligation to properly order the services of Online counseling center, to arrange a consultation date in time and to pay the total price of the services before the services are provided
the obligation to use the services at the agreed time
in exceptional cases, the need to change the date or cancel the use of services, inform  Online counseling center in a timely manner in accordance with paragraph 4.1. of these GTC
the obligation to follow the rules stated on Online counseling center’s website and these GTC
the obligation not to disturb or limit the use of services by other clients
the client’s obligation to pay the difference in price if the client used the services beyond the agreed scope, and that without delay, no later than within 3 days of this use above the agreed scope.

Rules for providing services to clients
7.1. The type of consultation, the method of consultation and the psychologist of Online counseling center are chosen by the client. The client can also use professional advice in choosing a psychologist and a type of consultation.
7.2. The provision of consultations to clients takes place at a time and time agreed upon between the client and  Online counseling center.
7.3. Consultations are provided through online applications as Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp.
7.4. The client acknowledges that he is not entitled to record the consultations, including the so-called screenshot.
7.5. When providing services, Online counseling center is always obliged to take care of the client’s interests and the purpose to be achieved by providing the services.
7.6. The counseling center is obliged to fully protect all personal, especially sensitive, client data, throughout the provision of services and after the end of the provision of services.

8.1. The client is entitled to complain to Online counseling center about the quality and scope of the services provided, or other defects if the quality or scope or other conditions do not correspond to the agreed scope, conditions and usual quality. The client is obliged to file a possible complaint immediately after finding the defect, so that all circumstances can be properly identified and a remedy can be arranged. Subsequent or unfounded complaints cannot be taken into account.
8.2.Online counseling center commits to find out without undue delay the circumstances of the complaint and all relevant facts for determining the justification of the complaint. In case of a justified complaint, Online counseling center is obliged to ensure the correction of the defective condition, to eliminate defects or deficiencies appropriate to the given situation or to provide the client with a discount on other services or a replacement of consultation. Online counseling center is obliged to handle the complaint within 30 days of receiving the complaint with a proposed solution or rejecting the complaint with proper justification.
8.3. If the client does not use the services already paid for reasons, within 2 years of payment for services, he is not entitled to compensation or refund of the amount paid, but the amount paid may be returned to the client after considering all circumstances.

Final Provisions
9.1. These GTC are an integral part of the counseling process and the provision of counseling services.
9.2. The client is obliged to get acquainted with the GTC before arranging services between him and Online counseling center. The counseling center ensures the conditions for this, especially through the publication of the GTC on  Online counseling center’s website.
9.3. If a written form of legal action is required in these GTC, it is considered in compliance with this form if the legal action to use a written confirmation and communication, letter, e-mail or text message.
9.4. Online counseling center can supplement and change these GTC to the full and unlimited extent. In the event of such a change, the new version of the GTC will be posted immediately on theOnline counseling center’s website. The change of these GTC takes effect by stating the date and moment of publication.
9.5. If any individual provision of these GTC is found to be invalid or ineffective, it is fully severable from the other provisions of these GTC and such invalidity will not affect the validity, effectiveness and enforceability of any other provisions of these GTC.
9.6. Changes and additions to these GTC may be individually regulated between the psychologists and the client exclusively in writing.
9.7. In other matters not regulated by these GTC, the client and Online counseling center commits to comply with the legal regulations of the Czech Republic, in particular Act No. 89/2012 Coll. the Civil Code, as amended, good manners and customs in the field of service provision, and the client and Online counseling center commit to settle any disputes amicably.
9.8. These GTC take effect on 1.1.2022.


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