Recognising symptoms of depression while living abroad

Depression has several stages. In less severe stages of depression you force yourself to do routine actions at work and at home, but you are still able to handle them. In more sever cases you stop working, nothing can make you happy. You are only able to do simple actions like watching television, routine tasks on your computer and you spend most of your day in bed.

What are other symptoms of depression?

  • You are ruminating about feelings you had in the past, or you are anxious about your future abroad. You are not able to focus on the here and now.
  • Your mood gets worse, you are tired, you lose interest in things, that used to make you happy. This state lasts from 2 weeks to several weeks or even months.
  • You have trouble sleeping.
  • You are gaining or losing weight, because you eating habits have changed.
  • You often blame yourself or feel desperate. This can be connected to unresolved situations, be it relationships with your new family abroad or under-performance at work.
  • You can feel indifference to what happens around you, feel inferior, have slower reactions or lose your life’s purpose. You may start asking questions: ‘’What am I doing abroad? What is the point of being here? Should I return home?’’

How to deal with depression while living abroad?

In case you observe the first symptoms, a regular day and night routine, enough rest, a massage or moving your body may help. Ideally, you should find a professional (counselor or psychiatrist) as soon as possible. A professional can help you identify the cause of depression and suggest adequate treatment.

A common treatment of depression is with antidepressants and counselling. During counselling, you will uncover two main things – why you got depressed and what you can do, so you do not become depressed again.

The best prospects of finding balance in life has the lighter stage of depression.

Please, do not wait needlessly until the depression gets worse.

You are not alone.

Did you recognize any of the symptoms and would like to talk to someone in your native language?

We will be happy support you in our online psychological counselling for expats.

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